Liberal Arts


I think a good movie it’s a movie that makes you want to keep “that movie” in your heart. It’s like after watching the movie you will feel greatfull, and something tell you “I want my heart keep this, let’s don’t forget, I remain you as the best movie I’ve ever watched”. Haha well, that’s happened to me. I just watched Liberal Art’s. One of the most good movie I’ve ever seen, I guess. This movie it’s briliant! Simply delightfull. I just like all the conversation in this movie.

So, the story begin when Jeese Fisher got a call phone from his number one favorite teacher when he was in college, Prof. Peter.  Jeese is an introverted, a bookworm ( a hot bookworm, coz I love Josh Radnor with his beaaaaard :D) . Dia suka ngabisin waktu di toko buku untuk sekian jam, pokoknya wherever he goes pasti bawa buku.  Nah si Profesor nya itu mau pensiun dan minta Jeese buat give a  speech in the retirement dinner, karena dulu Jeese is one of his best student . Jadilah, Jeese pergi ke Ohio, back to his alma mater, sekalian bernostalgia. Di sana di kenalan sama Zibby ( Elizabeth Olsen) one of the student yang suka sama musik klasik. What is Jeese feeling it’s all about the old times.  He loves colleges . Bahkan Peter bilang, pas kelulusan Jeese get angry to his parents, karena menurutnya, gara-gara orang tua nya lah dia lulus dan harus keluar. It’s just to shows how he loves colleges.

Pertemanan Jeese and Zibby yang terpaut usia cukup jauh ( Jeese it’s 35 while Zibby it’s 19) it’s just beautiful. Jeese yang introvert bisa get along well sama Zibby. They talk about anything, discuss everything, disini keliatan kalo Zibby mulai suka sama Jeese. Naaaaah tapi, tepat disini, saya mulai bingung mau ceritain filmnya , sebenernya cerita film ini susah buat dijelasin karna (lagi-lagi) film bagus itu emang musti ditonton langsung, gak cukup diceritain aja . Jadi sinopsisnya segitu aja deh hehe.

But  I’d like to tell all my fav sceen in this movie

  1. I like when Zibby and Jeese spending their time sitting in the empty stage, talks everything. Then,

Zibby :           We should hug.

Jeese :          What?

Zibby :           I mean, we could keep talking but I think it would be better if we hugged. Come on.

Jeese :          Okay.. Who starts?

Zibby :           I do.

Keliatan banget Jeese malu-malu, tapi seneng pas dipeluk Zibby hehe.





  1. When Jeese is have to go back to New York, Zibby give him a CD  yang berisi lagu-lagu klasik kesukaan Zibby. Then they’re made a promises to keep sending a letter for each other. Aaaaah this is my most favorite scene! Setiap hari Jeese ngedengerin lagu-lagu yang ada di CD pemberian Zibby. Nah, everytime he listening the songs setiap saat itu juga dia ngerasain sesuatu yang beda. Setiap judul lagu yang dia dengerin,kayak ngasih soundtrack buat apa yang lagi dia lakuin saat itu. Di scene ini pengambilan gambarnya bagus banget,bikin saya berasa jadi Jeese saat itu juga plus  dialognya itu.. two thumbs up!


  1. After a month in New York, Jeese decided to meet Zibby. So he went back to Ohio and have a time with Zibby. Nah pas di kamarnya Zibby, Jeese looks so shy. Sebenernya dia tuh sibuk mikirin perbedaan umur ama Zibby. Malah, sebelum berangkat Jeese nulis dulu something like “ When I was 19, She was 3. When I was 13, She was 0” Intinya kayak bikin perhitungan gitu haha.


  1. When Jeese and Zibby debated about a vampires novel yang dibaca Zibby.  Jeese keukeuh bilang kalo novel kayak gitu jelek, gak penting buat dibaca, dan terus-terusan nanya kenapa Zibby baca novel itu.

Jeese :          Many amazing books in the world. Why would you read this?

Zibby :           Okay, I hate this conversation. Can we stop?

Jeese :          Wait, this is a trilogy, right?

Zibby:            I’m afraid to answer that.

Jeese :          You’ve read three of these?

Zibby:            Have you ever read on of them?

Jeese :          What do you think?

Zibby :           How can you hate something if you’ve never read it? I mean, isn’t that like what repressive regimes do? You want to burn books you don’t like?

Jeese:           You’re right. You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna read this book, all of it. And then we can discuss it.

Hahaha, mentang-mentang suka baca buku, Jeese gak abis pikir kenapa novel tentang vampire punya Zibby  bisa dibilang bagus. Nah setelah selesai baca novelnya they meet up again. Starting to discuss.

      Zibby:              Should I start?

      Jeese:             Okay, please.

      Zibby:              I liked it. It was fun and stupid. And it passed the time. And it’s not Tolstoy, but it’s not a television. And it made me happy. Now you.

      Jeese:             Thankyou. This.. is the worst book everwritten in English.

      Zibby:              So there are worse books written in other languanges?

      Jeese:             Probably not, unless this book is translated into other languanges.

Hahahaha konyol banget. Pokoknya Jeese itu tipikal cowok kutu buku yang gak akan pernah nganggap remeh apapun urusan tentang buku. Well,you better watch this movie by yourself. Highly recommended, karena ceritanya beda, semua percakapanya keren bisa dijadiin quote and Josh Radnor it’s so handsome with his beard. Enjoy!


#my playlist while I’m writing this…

I’am  a Walrus – The Beatles

Juwita Malam – Slank

This is not A Test – She and Him

Sextape – Deftones






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