I Just Love All the Conversation in Liberal Arts Movie

Zibby :           Do you want to sit?

Jeese :          Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.. So I should tell you, I feel a little weird about being here.

Zibby :           Why? Don’t.

Jeese :          Well, I don’t know if you know this,  but, uh I’m a few years older than you.

Zibby :           You are?

Jeese :          Just a few, yeah, and I’m not necessarily saying I don’t want to get ahead of myself here . It’s just..

Zibby :           Oh.. Wait, sorry. You.. did you think this was, like, a romantic thing?

Jeese :          …….

Zibby :           Just kidding.

Jeese :          Oh,my..

Zibby :           Come here. Try not to overthink things, okay?

Jeese :          You’re talking to the wrong guy.

Zibby :           Well, look. We connect really well, don’t you think?

Jeese :          We do, yeah.. I just can’t figure out if it’s because you’re advanced or because I’m stunted.

Zibby :           It’s because I’m advanced.

Jeese :          Maybe.. But I’m also a little stunted.

Zibby :           Look, I want to take things slowly, okay?

Jeese :          Yeah, okay. Me too. Me too.

Zibby :           But I would like to kiss you… on your forehead. Can I kiss you on your forehead?Say yes.

Jeese :          Yes

Zibby:            And your chin? May I kiss your chin?

Jesse : …


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