So tomorrow Riki and his family will go to Singapore to celebrate his dad birthday, and I’m here waiting for internship respons and so hungry hiks. I love to see Riki’s family, his dad is a trully genius and his mom is a woman who can handle her family and her career well. They are so kind and humble. I havent met them yet actually but based on Riki’s story I can imagine what kind of family they are. Riki and I have a same kind of parents. Our parents are visioner and willing to give their best to their child education. Maybe that give us a lil bit explanation why we are having so many same perspective to see a things. Sometimes, when I told Riki about something like, “I dont understand why some of people didnt want to spend her money to buying something good for her own self, I think my mom have no problem if her son spending some money as long as it for her own good”. Then Riki will said something like “Yes, my parents its okay if I spending some money as long as this is for my needed”. Then sometimes we both agree that “Maybe our parents it’s so good taking care of us, maybe our parents its succesed to make us clever enough to thinking like that” and so on.
Yes, perhaps that is true.
Ah I’m so jealous on him, I want a holiday too! :p But it’s allright as long as you give me a looooot of snack and a good stuff there, ya! 😀


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