Sometime I was thinking growing up is a sad thing. While I sleep in my room where there is now a huge hole that used to be my parents toilet and now it was filled by a lot of book, I realized everything its not the same as when I was a child. For example, this room, my very first room. When I was a child I used to sleep in this room with my sister and then she’s moving out and I sleep at her room and my other sister sleep in my old room. But when my sister get married I’m back to this room and share the bed with my lil sister. When I was a child and sleeping alone here I can’t sleep and get scared by the hole above this room near the lamp. I always wonder that anything can appear through that hole but noe I cant see that hole, because it was closed and because my bedroom is a two level bedroom so I cant see that hole anymore.

I sleep with the giant Doraemon, the gift from my sister admirer. I already want to sleep at 8 pm. My dad is already sleeping. I see this room again. How much I want the time to a lil bit slower.


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