Last night I dream about one thing that never really existed but I believe that thing is my ultimate fear and hope. About my sudden trip to Africa with my Mom and Dad, about the party, the beer, and the three guy I met and the weird thing is my self conscious tell me, I should write this thing on my blog: My dream is I met that guy on the party, but thats only a dream I imagined only. And then I dream about a girl who die in front of my house, she wear my sister’s ‘white,blue,black,red’ sweater and make me wonder how can she wear that sweater and I find out that she’s secretly sneaking into my room, while I was sleeping and took that sweater. People said she’s actually rented my room and already pay the rent cost for her and her husband. But I don’t know what happen because I already wake up and find that three dream it’s really fascinating yet frightening. How can I met all those stranger, except my Mom and my Dad on that dream?

And suddenly I remember some lyrics song. It’s Yuna’s song. I hardly remember it! Gosh what is it?!

Is it….

Who is this stranger..?
I should be scared..
Could be danger..


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