Stop Being Silly #1


Tuh kan kenapa aku punya alarm yang otomatis bilang “Bulshiiiit” pas nemu hal-hal yamg dishare temen di Line kayak gitu? Males banget lihat orang-orang yang seneng ngepost hal-hal kayak gitu, so they wont be labeled as the cool kids, so they will be labeled as the wise one.
Apalagi pas liat posting sebelum-sebelumnya orang yang ngeupload gambar di atas.
It’s full by a whole big super extra huge wise advice and touching story.

But really?

“I no longer wish to be one of the cool kids”


Oh yes! You won’t be that cool kids by posting something that a cool kids would definitely posted on Line.


Eh, wait! A moment after I post this, I found this picture..

Perhaps, it’s not only me riteee? 🙂


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