Random Notes

I’m not  in the mood to write.
Recently I do have some routinity that repeat every day which is wake up at 6.40, take or not take a bath, preparing rice that I made last night for the lunchbook, decided weither I will buy the food or not, preparing my bag, wearing the last two days clothes, make a statement “dont buy gorengan” but a minutes later I eat 3 gorengan, waiting for the bus, changing the bus, entering the office, wondering like a stupid people until 5 o’clock, hungry, go the travel station, waiting, go home, make a rice, watching some tv series, phone calling, sleep at 10 or 11 wake up at 6.40 and so on.

I come home every weeks because I want to stay at home with my family.
I easily forget of something.
I eat a lot, a loooot.
I love spending my time in home with my sister.
I arrive at the moment when I didnt want to run too fast when it talks about the skripsi.
I dont know what I want to do for the future.
I always says to my self that I’m going to work in Jakarta, because every magazine is in Jakarta, because I think it’s cool to live there but I think I want to live near the people I loved which mean Bandung, but I dont want to work in office all day long (there is no magazine in Bandung and I dont want to work in newspaper or television), I want to have a house in Bandung with my husband, raising my kids but the most thing I want is traveling to a lot of place as much as I can as long as I still alive. So maybe I should start to find a way to live my dream: traveling, trying and seeing a lot of new things and places in this world but still live simply with my husband, child in Bandung and I can meet my parents every time I want. Is that possible? I wish it could be happen.


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