Maaf Dung

I’m that friend who says “If you will graduated, tell me so I can come and celebrated it with you” but I didnt come.
I’m that friend who decided to not to come to your dozens invitation because I always busy.
I’m that friend who decided to disconnect our friendship because I think it just not the same again.
You still the same, but me, not anymore.
Yes, I’m that friend who changing a lot and become a jerks in every chance you want to meet me.
I think I’m crazy too because I was scared to meet you.
Because I’m not that cheerful or witty person anymore.
I can’t talk properly anymore.
I even can’t meet people eyes.
I do really want to meet you, Dung.
I even dreaming about you last night, my best buddy.
But I’m too scared because I dissapeared too fucking long.
Sorry for being that jerk.
Sorry for being that friend.

A girl who miss you a lot and miss our time together when we were in 2010.


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