Note to My Self #2

You will realized that human is the core of this life that we’re living now. And not every single human it’s same. Not at all. You also will realized that you are know nothing about human and what makes them, when you find out that the super religious famous entertainer who has a beautiful wife and two child is a gay. You will also realized that you know nothing about human when you find out that the beautiful newlywed was killed by a girl who love her to death. The more you find out the more you realized you know nothing about the human you met at the school or even your parents.  You know nothing about them and what actually makes them to be what they are actually now. So, why are you and I some human are so judgemental and sentimental towards anything that they are dont really know about? If you think a human is just a flesh  with a bones stick to it or emotion and feeling is just something called “addition”, you seriously need to see your face in the mirror, looked at it and ask “How could I became like this?”

-Rumah, 30 Januari 2015


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