Wake Up, Enough With The Cheesy Dream

The funny things is people always have expectation on something. They want their life it’s happened on a certain way. Basically because everybody it’s a dreamer. Like a young boy who wants to falling in love with a girl like in a Submarine movie. He found that kind of girl in the real life, and it’s not so different with the movie. The girl, the quirkness, the hair, and the broken heart. The young boy who wish to be like Oliver Tate accomplished his dream with an unfinished broken heart. It’s painful and sucks to falling in love with somebody who always have an expectation on something not real like Oliver Tate, cheesy poems or a cheap good songs.
You makes other people who love you become the part who will never be presented in your scenario. If you wish to meet Ryder, then I’ll be the girl who only showed up when the camera shooting the crowd. If you wish to kiss the rose, then I’ll be the plastic that wraped the rose. And If you wish to walking with Glassy in the station bus, maybe I’ll be the random girl who passing by and watching the both of you. Sounds really cheesy rite?


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