Yuna’s New Album it’s Dope

Have you ever heard about Yuna Zaraaaaaaai? Yash, she’s the Malaysian singer who successfully made a debut in America and of course successfully stole my heaaaaart! And now she is releasing a new album and I can’t say anything more, except that the album is DOPE! Go listen the preview of “Chapters” album in YouTube, especially the “Places to Go” song cause it’s so cooool. Her music is not as gloomy as the first album. It has R&B’s vibe. And it sounds like Yuna having a collaboration with N.W.A, sounds crazy rite? Because, yeah, she is collaborated with a hip hop singer and by the way, the music video of “Places to Go” it’s so insanely cooool, classy and beautiful. And when I found out what was the lyrics is, I can’t help my self to not to more falling in love with this song. Yes, I can’t help my self! Because Yuna…. you’re so damn coooool ❤



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