Hell Yeah, I’m Wearing Crocs

I’m actually bad at anything. Bad at facing the crowd or only the cool girl in my college, bad at math and bad at taking care of my shoes. The last is, I know I don’t really have that “appreciate” feelings toward any stuff I have. So, yes please do not shocked if you see my super duper unclean and rotten shoes. I just have a very bad relationship with them. Once, I bought an pinky girly shoes, and I don’t know with what I did, because the next three days the shoes’s sole is ripped out. Two months ago I was bought a pair of cheap looking goods sandals and the size is wrong. Hell no if I have to returning them back! Pick a wrong size of the shoes is already stressfull so I don’t want to return them, waiting the respons and anything. At the last, I give my sister that shoes.

As for me?

I bought the most hideous, ugly and low classed footwear in this world, Crocs. Oh, and yes, it’s the faux one of course!

I was at the moment where I just want to wearing a comfy sandals in this rainy season! The footwear that simple to be used and will easily drained when the rain is hit me! So who cares about that god damn label everybody put on the Crocs. I’ll wear it!

And, unlike my old relationship with the older shoes, my relationship with Crocs is going very well. They’re easy to be cleaned and I don’t need to worry everytime the rain has come. Well, although it’s a lil bit slippery, but as far as I remember, this is the most comforting footwear that I ever had.

Sounds sad, yeah…

Once, I was sitting on the bus and the three womans acrossed me is exactly wearing the same coloured Crocs like mine. Once, I was shopping at the grocery, and it’s almost five people who wearing this kind of Crocs, same like mine too. Not to mention, another bunch of people I met at the station, at the mall, at the Angkot and everywhere.

I saw it.

Sherina and Eva Celia says they will never wearing Crocs, maybe because it’s cheap, a low classed footwear, doesn’t have any fashion vibes at all and yeah, it was made from a rubber! Of course! Yes!!

Even, one of the most famous Ask.fm celebrities says she’s rather slit her throat than put the Crocs on her foots.

For a moment, I feel like a rubbish LOL. But guess what, a million people wearing this sandals. I saw it everywhere! It’s comfortable, I swear! I don’t think it is wrong to wearing them, especially at this rainy season. Because, I’m not Victoria Beckham who even refuse to wearing a flat shoes when she was pregnant tho’.

It’s trully because, I’m just a simple girl who feel sad and silly everytime she saw her ugly purple Crocs. It’s sad because it feels like she is so pathetic to not wearing a decent shoes when she’s going outside. But also feeling silly, because she loves that sandals so much, even she’s using them to the bathroom.

I’ll wear a very decent shoes someday, but I don’t say “No” to the Crocs. What did Crocs have ever done to the people in this world ’till it could makes people want to slit her throat? Cruel!


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