Some People Just Need to Loose Their Soul

I once, quietly cried because I can’t afford a slice of a decent chocolate’s cake for my birthday.
I once, quietly cried too when my boyfriend buy a camera, right after I told him that I’m so desperately want to buy it.
LOL, I always hard on my self and put a lot of this desperate, sad, pathetic scenario on everything. I always see my self as a pathetic girl who can’t even afford a decent shoes or even thinking twice when she wants to buy something. But at the same time, I can’t saving my money. As hard as I try to keep my salary, I can’t help my self to not brings my sister a honey chicken wings and spiral fries. And, stupidly, bought two pieces of a cheap, low quality Batik for my parents. So, stupid.
But I don’t feel bothered at all, I just feel like I always too hard on my self.

Loose, loose, loose!

Don’t cry over the stupid things you made because you just love to dramatise your life!


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