It Doesn’t

Once upon a time, a little girl playing in a playground while a beautiful ladies come to her and teach her some magic trick.
She said:

Everytime you spell the magic words “Lumpa Lumpa!” you will see a bird comes out from the hat!

At first, the girl was hesitates, but then she’s trying.

“Lumpa, Lumpaaa!”

And the bird will flying around you Dear golden smear
Mesmerize every girl who still lost with what they saw

And suddenly the bird stop flying
The girl get more lost
As she saw the birds wings suddenly changing into a hands
As she saw the birds feather slowly fall off
And when the small eyes and the pouty mouth changing into some face the girls know so much

“What happen with you?”
“I’m come back”
“Because you want me to”
“Because you said so?”
“Everytime you’re going to bed. Everytime you’re going to eat. Everytime you were dancing. Everytime you acting like a tons of people come and watching you including me”
“Because you want it”
“Because you’re such a terrible liar”
“What’s next?”
“I will stay besides you from now on and go on”
“Is this real?”
“You said the magic words”
“But, I wish it was real cause you know hom much I want to meet you”
“As long as you see me. What’s the matter if it’s real or unreal sweetheart?”


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