This, If People Wondering “Why”

Riki is an oldschool Capricorn who seems so quite and calm from the outside. But once you talk or hangout with him you will see him as a funny person who can perfectly making an idiot face.

He is also a man who very affectionate but hate PDA so much, thats why you will never (even) see him put his hand on my shoulder in a crowded place. Plus that’s also the reason why he always seems so quite and calm from the outside.

He loves and actually care to her sister, but he found it’s so difficult to start a warm and friendly convo with her because he can’t tell how he actualy feels to her sister.

He is stupid most of the time because he always easily forget things and makes me annoyed but he is smart most of the time too because he is so open minded.

He wouldn’t mind if I cursed a lot because he cursed a lot too.

He is the very first person who knows my shameful secret and I don’t know why I choose to tell him because I never imagined my self to tell about “that bad habit” to my previous boyfie.

And psst.. Riki has no problem with that. In fact he has that same “bad habit” too lol.

He may so stiff towards anybody but actually he just need some extra time to get closer with some new people.

I hate him most of the time because he is so dull, like he never try to make some surprise.

But I like him most of the time too because he always there whenever I feeling blue or yellow.

If somebody ask me what is the thing I like the most from him.

I’d like to tell you that he may be dull, stupid, cold and so oldschool, but he is the best “Best Friend” I’ve got for this past 5 years.

And the special thing is, he is the very very very first person who says:

“I don’t know but everytime we met, somehow I just want to sit and not talking. It’s nothing personal. But I don’t know I just want to stay quite and sit although we were sitting next to each other” to me.


But it doesn’t bothering me at all, cause in fact, yes, we love to spend 20 or 10 minutes on the phone without talking.

Or stay quite while watching some trains in Bandung Train Station for an hour without put our hands on the cellphone.

Or we just like to sitting on a cradle of Taman Lalu Lintas without saying a word for an hour too.

As I know, we don’t hate each other so we don’t talk.
But otherwise, he just as similiar as me lol.

It may sounds weird but we love being “alone” together. And I never knew that I will met someone who also love the way we share the silence. Nobody could understand that except him.


*ditulis tiga hari yang lalu. Aku sebenernya ogah bikin tulisan kayak gini karena si Riki suka GR. But it’s an important reminder so I have to write it down, like yeah.


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