Cherish The Moment #1

From now on, I’ll write every amazing things that happened in one month. Yeah like I want to remember these things someday, so I always remember that I always got things that makes me happy and grateful in each day and I’ll called it “Cherish The Moment”!

So, here it is. Amazing things that happened on me in Juny that I want to cherished.

1. The time when I watching “How I Met Your Mother”.
2. The time when I see my niece’s face.
3. The time when I sleeping with my sister.
4. The time when I met Hani, Hana, Ami and Niki for buka bareng.
5. The entirely time I spent with Riki on last Tuesday.
6. The time when there is one person that stays in kostan so I don’t really left alone after watching Conjuring.
7. The time when Siti, Cendi and I sleep over in Mumut and we were talking til’ dawn and even sahur bareng.
8. The time when I was doing my first 11 rakaat tarawih in campus mosque.
9. The time when I met a few friends from IPA 2.
10. The time when I laughing around with Sopian and Rapian.


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