Let it “Crush”

How long do you need to realized that your crush is actually lame? Me? A weeks of full social media’s stalking maybe hehe.

I like this one guy, he is shorter than me but he has a very cute smile. I like him because I feel like he is a great writer, and…. The rest of the reason is mistery. I like this guy so much til’ it makes me sad when I knew he was “fallen” too hard on some girl and I stop liking him.

But a weeks later I like him again. And not liking again and so on. But finally I’m arrived in the point that “I dont have any feelings to this guy” and “Gosh, what I’m doing? Fooling around on some lame guy?”

Yeah, I’m arrived at the moment when I read his writing again and feeling….. he such a big whining yet fussy boy! A-ah, enough with him.

It’s happening again when I saw my senior’s Instagram feed. Well I never have a feeling for him, I just like him cause he looks like Naoki Irie, that one of so many amazing creatures God has made in this world haha.

Well, I never knew this senior like personally, but if I need to judge him based by his Instagram only? He is the big, big definition of lame, except you like those guy who consistanly posting his selfie with a great professional quotes. But me? It’s just not a cup of my tea.

Aaaand it’s happening again on the third guy. Well, it’s my ex actually, I don’t have any feeling for him I just check his Instagram to see what’s he doing a.k.a I’m stalking him (please it’s normal). Well, he’s doing pretty good unless he such a total lame cause he said this to her girlfriend

“Terimakasih untuk si wanita pemberi warna di kehidupan ini, kamu adalah pelangi dan aku bersyukur jadi pria yang mewarnainya”.

Gosh why don’t you just kill me, It’s so “cringe” and I’m a lil bit creeps out. Nah just nah.

When you liked or impressed by some guys, you might see everything nice and cool about him. But maybe there is no “like feeling” enough when you easily distracted by the fact that he likes to post his selfie consistanly or the fact that he “might” call you “Peri Kecilku” cause he’s doing the same thing to his girlfriend. The point is, you don’t need to make sure that you have a feelings or not to some guys you liked. The answer will come out naturally, without you’re trying too hard cause his “flaw” will come out eventually and the rest is become your decision. Would you still believe you like him or would you boldly said your crush is not as cool as you thought?

The time and “a little stalking” will answer it he-he.


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