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Trote’s Soft Launching at A Create 2016 Roadshow

Saturday 28th 2016 has become Trote’s historical day because Trote finally launched their product at one of the most awaited music event in Bandung; A Create 2016 Roadshow that held at Ex Pabrik Tekstil Cicaheum, Bandung .

For the first product launching, Trote launched three edition of tote bag which is the Ethnic Edition; Flamingo and Cat, the Doodle Edition; Sushi  and last but not least the Tropical Edition. And special to mark this launching day, Trote has collaborated with one of the most promising local brand from Bandung, Young Wild Native (YWN).

Together, Trote and YWN are trying to revive this summer’s time with making Tropical Day Edition. This special package consisting one white t-shirt and one tote bag that offers the same fresh-looking good’s pineapple and flower’s bloom print on it that successfully catch a lot of attention from the visitors.

As for the Ethnic Edition, this edition is chosen to become one of the three products that launched first, because Trote believe the blend of the traditional yet chic Songket’s fabric and the first grade of canvas material is a perfect match to portray the urban style. Not to mention, the detached pocket which can be used as sling bag or security wallet that successfully stolen the visitor’s heart too.

Back to the event, when the sun goes down the bustle doesn’t seem to an end because the visitors are more crowded! And as the day is getting late, we happily wants to announce that Doodle Edition: Sushi has become the star of the day for being the sold out’s item on this event.

Thanks for all the visitors who show their love and complete Trote’s history on this soft launching event. See you at another round of event!

  • About Us

Calling the brand with a dream to keep moving forward, the journey was began in 2016 by a trio; Shagy Reghita, Rian Palgunadi and Ricky Dwi Algari who wants to pour their creative ideas into a highly functional and fashionable bags.

The trio came up with a name ‘TROTE’ that consist from a word ‘TRI’ and ‘TOTE’ which simply means “The three people who wants to produce a multifunction yet stylish bags for the people”.

But like the wise one said: “You can always throw two apples with one stones!”, TROTE also wants to seize a lot of dream and hope under a big one name.

Identical to the word ‘Trote’ from Portuguese which mean a trotted horses in English, we always hope the two philosophy of our name would go along with our effort to make TROTE keep making a sustainable development for the product and the brand.

TROTE has managed to provide a tote bag that is versatile, practical yet stylish. It’s our mission to highlight the importance of the quality, as well as good attitude of our brand. And it’s our biggest passion to make sure that you only carrying the goods of TROTE’s product, from the day you carry it and so in the future.

As for now, you can contact us at e-mail: asktrote@gmail.com or add us on LINE @trote.id. You can also follow our official Instagram @trote.id and @trote.catalog for more updates regarding our collections.

  • How to Maintain Your Trote

TROTE use the finest canvas material for the bag product. Besides it highly functional and stylish, TROTE’s bag is so handy to carry all kinds of stuff and also durable. Sure, you don’t want your TROTE looks dingy, do you? Here are our special treatment tips to keep your TROTE’s bag looks stunning!

  1. What if there are stains on my TROTE’s bag?

Accidentally spill your hot coffee on TROTE? Don’t let it ruin your day! Fortunately, most canvas stains are easy to remove if you know the right trick. If it’s a light dirt, you just need a mild soap or wash detergent, soft sponge and water. First, apply a few drops of soap onto the sponge and pat the canvas gently with a sponge. It’s so important no to rub or scrub the canvas. Beside it may damage the canvas it also may make the stain bigger. After finish this step, you may remove the soap with a damp cloth.

  1. But, what if there are heavy stains?

Hey, no need to worry! There are a lot of ways to remove heavy stains such as ink. You can try this little experiment which worth to try. First, you will need tooth paste, baking soda, detergent and then mix all of them together. Take your toothbrush and slowly apply a bit of the mix onto the canvas and scrub gently. You can repeat this step for several times to make sure the stains are gone forever.

But we know some persistent stains like oil is a real trouble maker! It may need a bit of hard work or even a professional help. But, you can always try the cornstarch to make things not getting worsen. Cornstarch can absorb the oil and prevent it spreading. You just need to apply some of them on the stain and leave it for a few hours, brush it gently and clean it with a mild soap.

  1. Well, are there any tips to washing my TROTE?

Well, we recommend you to always washing your TROTE manually. Especially for the Trote’s Ethnic Edition which use Songket’s fabric as the decoration. Do not wash this bag in a machine, because it’s not good for the Songket’s material. Instead of put your Trote’s bag on the machine, try to washing it with your hand.

You just need to add a bit of laundry detergent on water. Then, put the bag on it and only brush the canvas material, not the Songket so it won’t be damage. But remember to always brush or scrub it gently. After this step, you may rinse the bag with the water and drying them on a clothesline. One more important tip: Never drying your Trote’s bag for too long under the sun light cause it could makes the color of the canvas easily fade.

Now, you have all these easy and simple trick to keep your Trote’s bag always looks dandy and stunning. Don’t forget to always show some love for your Trote’s bag!


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