The Matter of Time

One month after my uni graduation -which officialy start my quarter life crisis too- I still stay in Jatinangor where I spend almost my life for four year and half. Why? First, it simply because I’m still the legal owner of my rented room -since I already paid for a full year so sure, its such a waste if I don’t use this room-. Please dont bother to ask me “Why not rent the room to another people?” cause I’m too lazy to handle the business and everything.

Too lazy, really.

Second, I think I can use this amount of time to think about what should I do. Where should I work etc. 

Third, I still want to meet my friends.

Funny, how actually I feel scared about losing my friends not after the graduation but one month after it.

I guess being unemployed makes me contemplating too much, huh?

Here’s the things.

About three months ago I was a girl who doesnt want her uni life get over too fast. Not because she’s living an amazing life in her uni but she’s simply scared to see things moving too fast, people changing too fast and everything.

And believe me, i’m still that girl.

To see my self -today- I can tell you that friends are slowly disappear. I never go to the campus anymore, unless I have some business. My friends busy with their paper -which I really know all their struggles too-, some of my friends already living their busy works life etc. 

The puzzle start broken and spreading.

Some puzzle already found their way.

Some puzzle still in their place, watching another puzzle moving around, getting far away and far away.

I was thinking,

Is this the end?

Uni life over and people dissappear?

 And suddenly I remember with what Ted Mosby said:

“You will be shocked, kids. When you discover how easy it is in life to part ways with people forever. That’s why when you find someone you want to keep around, you do something about it”.

And I tell you, I promise my self to try my best to “do something to keep around my friend” although it feel really hard -even it’s only started about a month ago-. But if -even- my closest friend in uni it self really dissappear, maybe I must face the truth that people really ready to live and die alone. That people really changing and time moving too fast.







Real fast.


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