Catch Up 


How’s life?

I mean, lately?

Uhm, well I start ‘working’ since the second week of August, in some advertising agency in my hometown. It’s something new for me but I’m kinda excited about it cause I gotta learn new things, I gotta learn how to work in startup company where everything is still unstable so I believe it’s gonna be good for me. A kind of good start for someone who still figuring out what she’s actually wanna do with her life.

And so far?

I’m pretty much enjoying it despite I have to face some struggle but isn’t life without a trouble sounds not normal to you?

I guess not.

August is fun and not easy at the same time. I try to balancing my life and work but it’s not that easy. I am a lil bit losing direction and forgot about my purpose but i guess its all about the process.

As the wise one said,

It’s not the beginning

Cause it’s not even started.





But yes.

August is something new and I’m kinda curious where it will take me.

Cheers, F


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