Why People Why

I can’t stand those people who shared the viral porn video on social media-proudly and thinking they are the right one. 

They think they have the right to do that. They think the girl is a slut so she deserves that.

And I hate Indonesian media so much especially the online news. They are two people on that video. The man and the woman.

But why are they only exposed the girls name? But the asshole who start spreading the video is not?

And know all the so-called netizen only blame the woman. They are thinking the woman is stupid and cheap. But little that they know, it’s her right to make those kind video as long as is not for the public consumption.

But where all the blames go?

Of course the girl. Its always the girl. You know why? Cause the man who start to makes this video viral is a retard like the most people who shared that video.

So sick.


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