All I have to do is recollect

I promise, the beginning of the week will do the magic

But, just so you know it only last for five days

No more, but yes less



A really silent, light, and slow routine

I start it late, lost it, the wall is on my chest

Can’t help to not think that this is all just a mind trick, a wall trick

It press me and left me nothing but a silent

No good, no harm

Just a flat lips, that hard to tell

A Company

When was the last time you feel so scared?

When my heart beat so fast everytime I ended up a call phone. And I know I can’t sleep well if I left alone.

A company.

Thats all I need.

So I won’t scared.

So I can sleep well and thinking everything is okay.

I Picture Us

I have three picture of you on my wall

I also have a picture of us crying happily when the seed starts grow

I always have a picture of us in a happy and miserable moment

Don’t you think it because I love you?