hold it till the six

hold it till the six

I call ’em surviving

to check the requirement of life

the mandatory phase


The Wall

Do you feel it?

The things? Yes.

It’s still beating.

Always beating.

This close?

So close.


A really silent, light, and slow routine

I start it late, lost it, the wall is on my chest

Can’t help to not think that this is all just a mind trick, a wall trick

It press me and left me nothing but a silent

No good, no harm

Just a flat lips, that hard to tell

A Company

When was the last time you feel so scared?

When my heart beat so fast everytime I ended up a call phone. And I know I can’t sleep well if I left alone.

A company.

Thats all I need.

So I won’t scared.

So I can sleep well and thinking everything is okay.

I Picture Us

I have three picture of you on my wall

I also have a picture of us crying happily when the seed starts grow

I always have a picture of us in a happy and miserable moment

Don’t you think it because I love you?

Three Years From Now

We don’t know what will happen with our little naive dream
Will God make it accomplished
Or will God make it unaccomplished
Still, we need to have some little faith and believe
And efforts to make it happen
So it will be pay off
From three years from now

Life She Wants Receive

And you see darling, I can’t stay happy if anything is just too perfectly normal
I’d rather sit on your dusty car and hit the bumpy road, but still singing my favorite song
Than walking gracefully with a very carefully thoughts about this and that
I’ll swimming into the deepest sea if I could so you can see how much I want ‘life’ in my soul
But darling, when I said there will be a time where I will stop talking, laughing and angry to you
Maybe you have failed me
Maybe you can’t delivered ‘life’ I want receive
And I cant living that kind of life